My practice is a melting pot of poetry, song, performance, costume, and moving image. It is informed by process, personal experience, and archival research. My work becomes haptic in its visuality evoking the act of making as a bodily experience which is performed through ritual process in various guises, documenting the relationship between materiality and activation through transformation. I explore the ritualistic nature of Witchcraft and the effect of transformation on materials. Rituals can act as gestural language in situations where spoken language fails to convey what is happening and are highly efficient vehicles for harnessing those emotions evoked by the traumatic experience. Within my research I explore the persecution of Witches (specifically within the European early modern period) and the feminist legacy of reclaiming those lost voices- it is this research which informs my encounters with materials. The creation of my work reveals the vast potential of human contact with forgotten stories but also roots us within the present and the radical hopefulness that transformation is intrinsic to being. My Witchcraft is still becoming and will continue to reform itself through creation and destruction in a cyclical way that will transform with me.