Sonia Moran (b.1995) is an Artist and Researcher based in Leeds (UK) currently a masters student in Fine Art at The University of Leeds. She graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2018 and was the runner up in the Kenneth Armitage Young Sculptor prize.

Her practice has an ‘umbilical cord’ to her past; repository memories of childhood and adolescence feed her sculptural practice. Moran engages with the idea of the works overwhelming a space, becoming excessive, a hoard of unsettling second-hand objects. Exploring the way everyday objects occupy a visceral presence within our memories and homes and the silence, discontent and often violence on which domesticity is founded.

She adopts the domestic fabric she encountered as a child and regenerates those memories by disrupting the materiality of the fabric. The material having been ‘impregnated’ with an individual’s ‘human essence’. Through this notion the material embodies a certain ‘magical power’ it has become almost charged with the life of the previous owner creating an arresting narrative quality. By anthropomorphising her work, the audience is thereby confronted with ‘the material effects of the recently deceased’.

Her current work investigates the theme of ‘ferality’ in relation to domestic objects and human vessels. By combining abjection and domesticity interwoven through materiality the work is imbued with her current research into the witch as a symbol of an uncanny body. Moran is interested in using domestic and ‘wild’ space to present the ‘weird’ of the witch, forcing the viewer to confront their threshold to uncanniness.